Affimed Introduces ROCK™ Platform for Tailored Immune Cell Engagers

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Affimed Introduces ROCK™ Platform for Tailored Immune Cell Engagers

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Affimed N.V., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing highly targeted cancer immunotherapies, today announced the official launch of its Redirected Optimized Cell Killing (ROCK™) platform. Based on the company’s long-standing expertise in drug development and protein engineering, the ROCK™ platform enables the generation of both NK cell and T cell-engaging antibodies tailored to different indications and settings.

ROCK™ was introduced at the 14th Annual Protein Engineering Summit in two separate presentations. A talk titled “Engineering High Affinity Tetravalent Bispecific Immune Cell Engagers to Destroy Malignant Cells with Low Target Expression” held by Dr. Michael Tesar, Research Program Head at Affimed, highlighted the core technical differentiating features including the unique modularity of the platform. Affimed has successfully generated development candidates for two ongoing preclinical NK cell engager programs, namely AFM24 and AFM26, which target EGFR for the treatment of solid tumors, or BCMA for the treatment of multiple myeloma, respectively. In his luncheon presentation titled, “Developing First-In-Class Immune Cell Engagers for the Activation of Innate and Adaptive Immunity to Fight Cancer.” Dr. Martin Treder, the Company’s CSO, outlined ROCK™’s value in the context of Affimed’s clinical stage tetravalent bispecific immune cell engagers and the potential for future next generation engager development.

“Our ROCK™ platform allows us to develop high quality multi-specific antibodies with the potential to activate and redirect the body’s own immune system to effectively target tumor cells,” Dr. Treder commented. “Redirected optimized cell killing utilizes specific antibody formats that enable the killing of malignant cells, including cells with low target expression.”
ROCK™ is a unique modular platform suitable for the development of both NK and T cell engagers, thus employing both innate and adaptive immunity to fight cancer. ROCK™’s modularity relies on different antibody formats, high target specificity and affinity and favorable manufacturing properties. These versatile features enable the generation of multi-specific antibodies with variable PK profiles, tissue distribution and optimal tumor and immune cell targeting.
“With our approach to arm and deploy innate and adaptive immune cells, we are focused on delivering new treatments beyond existing therapies,” added Dr. Adi Hoess, Affimed’s CEO. “Our ROCKTM platform marks yet another step towards creating novel therapeutic options for patients suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases.”

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