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The BioRN Lounge is the monthly networking event for members of the BioRN Cluster. We welcome representatives from biotech and life science companies in the BioRN cluster as well as scientists from our research institutes. After a short update of BioRN Cluster activities and news, an invited speaker from the network presents and discusses with the participants, scientific trends, outbreaking techniques, outstanding research and more.

Do you want to be a speaker? Contact us and share your idea!

Our Next BioRN Lounges:

If you wish to attend the BioRN Lounge please contact:

Sibylle Geilenberg

Phone: +49 6221 4305 111

You missed the last Lounge? No worries, you can now click on the latest presentations from the speakers in the list below.

Past BioRN Lounges:

  • November 27, 2018 – TU Kaiserslautern, Eckhard Friauf
  • October 9, 2018 – Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, Heike Andrea Wieland,
  • June 26, 2018: Apogenix AG, Jürgen Gamer
  • May 15, 2018: Fraunhofer IGB, Steffen Rupp
  • April 24, 2018: DKFZ, HI-STEM, Andreas Trumpp
  • March 20, 2018:  accantec consulting AG, Marc Stanke
  • February 27, 2018: Rittershaus, Matthias Spranger & Tobias Schulz
  • January 30 2018: Health Vision, Joachim Fischer
  • November 28: University of Heidelberg, Georg Gdynia
  • September 26:  EMBL, Peer Bork
  • June 27: Ullrich & Naumann, Daniel Schaft
  • May 30: Roche Diagnostics Mannheim, Gerrit Schramm
  • April 2017: Ci3 Cluster, Andrée Rothermel
  • March 2017: PEPperPRINT, Volker Stadler
  • February 2017:  Institute for technical processes und innovative energy systems (PI), Matthias Rädle
  • January 2017: GeneWerk, Annette Deichmann
  • November 2016: German Cancer Research Center, Angelika Riemer
  • October 2016: Medical Technology Cluster at City of Mannheim, Elmar Bourdon
  • June 2016: University of Heidelberg, IZN, Hilmar Bading
  • May 2016: German Cancer Research Center, Dominik Sturm
  • April 2016: German EIT Health, Bodo Brückner
  • March 2016: MPM Capital, Patrick Bäuerle
  • February 2016: Glycotope, Franzpeter Bracht
  • January 2016: Progen, Sven Kuhlendahl