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Refresh in Heidelberg on January 31

Labiotech Refresh is Europe’s most refreshing biotech event. The aim of the game is to gather the local biotech leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors in a free and down-to-earth setting where we can relax, have fun and be biotech nerds together.

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Heidelberg is one of the most vivid cities in terms of biotechnological and pharmaceutical research, development and production. So, you’re invited to join Labiotech and the rest of the Heidelberg biotech gang for a relaxed biotech meetup on on the 31th of January 2019. Get ready to meet some great people, listen to some awesome speakers, and enjoy some free beer. You will be able to find us at Urban Kitchen.

   When: January 31 at 6.30 pm

   Where: Urban Kitchen in Heidelberg

   The program:
6:30pm – 7pm: Warm welcoming & Introduction
7pm – 7:30pm: 1st Fireside Chat – Friedrich von Bohlen-CEO & Founder of Molecular Health.
7:30pm – 8pm: 2nd Fireside Chat – Andreas Schmidt- Chief Executive Officer at Proteona
8pm-10pm: Enjoy drinks, snacks, and networking

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