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In the past 20 years, the BioRN Cluster established a very strong life science ecosystem within the Rhine-Neckar region, especially around the cities of Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. The focus is the development of cell-specific, molecular and personalised innovative treatments and to promote the region into one of the leading life science clusters in Europe.


The BioRN Cluster aims at developing cell-specific, molecular and personalised innovative treatments, by integrating interdisciplinary approaches from Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health. The focus is the development of new treatments and diagnostics.


This is achieved by facilitating the collaboration among companies (from start-ups and SMEs to global pharma), authorities, universities and research institutions. The cluster strives at becoming the focal point in cell-specific, molecular and personalised treatments development, not only in the region but at European level, as leading competence network. This implies the necessity to further expand the network at regional, national and international level. Potential partners fitting in our focus are welcome as members. In addition, duty of the BioRN Cluster is to establish an international network of investors, in order to support start-ups in the network.


The BioRN Cluster covers a very import role as facilitator among basic, applied and market-oriented research. The Health Axis Europe Partnering (HAEP) is a tool for facilitated international knowledge exchange between academia and small and medium sized enterprises on the one side and global healthcare companies on the other. It effectively matches innovation seekers with innovators from a broad international network.


The BioRN Cluster supports start-ups and SMEs, in their efforts to develop new technologies, broaden their collaborative network and foster innovation via interdisciplinary approaches. This is done by promoting and sharing funding opportunities and performing project management especially for international projects and by supporting existing accelerators programs.


By connecting different networks beyond the Rhine-Neckar regions, the BioRN Cluster contribute to the promotion of the well-renowned region.