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The European Health Catapult is a training and competition platform, jointly organized by EIT Health ( and Health Axis Europe (, that includes several opportunities to present your company in front of experts and international investors.

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Regional Pre-Selection German/Swiss Startups

On 11 July 2017, EIT Health Germany together with BioRN organized the second edition of the SHIP – Ship for Health Innovation Pitches in Heidelberg. The aim of the event was to select the best healthcare start-ups in the categories “MedTech, BioTech and DigitalHealth” for the European Health Catapult competition. Around 80 participants from the healthcare, entrepreneurship and private equity field joined the event.

In enthusiastic 4-minute live pitches, 19 start-up teams were competing against each other in different categories:

  • BioTech: Ad-O-Lytics, Elthera AG, Lumobiotics, StimOS GmBH, SUN Bioscience
  • MedTech: FerroSens, IBR Ingenieurbüro Rehm, Mecuris GmbH, Reactive Robotics GmbH, Smaterials Technology GmbH, SpinDiag GmbH, UroQuant
  • DigitalHealth: Climedo, Corevas GmbH & Co. KG, LARALAB, pro4senses GmbH, Profession FIT BGF GmbH, Silicon Surfer, Viomedo.

Topics included for example cancer therapies, stem cell cultures for precision medicine, new diagnostic solutions, solutions in prosthetic and orthopedic care, pathogens, emergency communication, corporate and personal health management, a platform for clinical trials, just to name a few.

Selected the winners in the three categories. SUN Bioscience, a solution to move organoids from basic research to drug discovery, won the prize in the category “BioTech”. Mecuris GmbH, a digital and 3D print tailoring platform of prosthetics and orthotics, was the winning team in the category “MedTech”. Viomedo, a digital platform that harmonizes trial data and matches patients with the right trial, won the prize in the category “DigitalHealth”. The winning teams and runner-up teams will be invited to the international Semifinals (category-specific bootcamps) that will be held in Brussels (DigitalHealth), Barcelona (MedTech) and Heidelberg (BioTech). The 21 best start-ups from the international Bootcamp competition will be invited to the EIT Health Summit on 4-5 December 2017 in London.

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The international Semifinals:

The teams will attend category specific training camps (semifinals) and will then, at the third and final day pitch their startup in front of an audience of international investors.

The dates for the pitch events are:

For digital health startups (semifinal 1):                 27 September in Brussels, Belgium

For biotech startups (semifinal 2):                           6 October in Heidelberg, Germany

For medtech startups (semifinal 3):                        11 October in Barcelona, Spain

Investors are invited to join the competition day at the final day of the semifinal. Please contact Birgit Rogell ( if you are an investor and interested to meet the startups. We organized a B2M meeting platform for the competition days of the 3 semifinals.

The Biotech Semifinal:

BioRN is looking forward to organize the Biotech Semifinal in Heidelberg from the 4th to the 6th of October. The semifinalists are:

Vitroscan; Affichem; Microbrain Biotech; SUN Bioscience; Elthera; Lifetag Diagnostics; NoMicro Technologies; Quantbio Ltd; EVEXyS; Peptomyc; Nanoligent; Spy Biotech